Writers Packet Submission

I just recently got asked to submit a writing packet to a day time talk show with an awesome comedian. I thought for fun I’d post my list of segment ideas. The show should be pretty obvious…

1)      Cat, Dog, Rabbit, or Bird – Viewers send in their funny videos of their cats, dogs, rabbits, or birds. Ellen picks three contestants. She tells the story behind the video she’s about to show and the contestants have to guess which animal the story is about. She then plays the video.

2)      Sophia Grace and Rosie Gift RecommendationsThe adorable duo play with some of the new toys on the market and then give their reviews to parents, for possible holiday gifts for their children.

3)      An Inspiring Person Meets Favorite Celebrity – Viewers nominate the most inspiring person they know.  Ellen chooses one of these people, and then the friend that nominated this person makes lunch plans with him/her. Instead of the friend showing up Ellen sends this person’s favorite celebrity to thank this person for doing so much good in the world. Ellen videotapes the epic moment this person gets to meet his/her favorite celebrity.

4)      Lego Soap Opera – Ellen shows some of the most classic Soap scenes ever created. She then reenacts them with Lego characters, while the actual Soap actors perform the lines from the scene along with them.


5)      Bad Food Pairs Made Good – Ellen has the audience name foods and then the audience votes on the weirdest pairings of two of the foods. Ellen then gives the food pairs to three known chefs, who are challenged to combine the two foods in the tastiest dish they can put together. At the end of the show Ellen and her celebrity guests eat each dish and give each dish a score, to come up with a winning chef.


6)      Fashion Word Fun – There are some interesting slang names for fashion trends. Ellen shows a picture of a fashion trend from the last forty years and gives three multiple choices for what its slang name is. Two of the names are actually made up by Ellen’s writers and one is the actual name. Ellen picks two audience members to guess which names are the real ones.


7)      The Ellen Mannequin – A mannequin that looks just like Ellen is placed in a department store. Inside the mannequin is a little camera that captures the varied reactions people to have to the Ellen replica. Towards the end Ellen’s voice comes out of a small speaker in the mannequin.


8)      Twin Movie Experiment– Ellen has chosen two sets of identical twin children and has them take part in a fun game where they both write down their favorite lines from certain films. Whichever set of twins has the most matching lines, wins.


9)      Karaoke With The Folks – Younger viewers (In their teens or 20s) who are in the audience with a parent, choose one of their favorite songs for the two of them to perform in tag team karaoke live on the show.


10)    Family Holidays on Facebook – Around holiday time Ellen Shows the funniest pictures from audience member’s family holiday pictures and asks the audience member to explain the story behind the funny picture. Ellen may even surprise that audience member by bringing out the family members in the picture, onto the show.


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